Senior AGM – All welcome and encouraged to attend!


Wednesday 16th October 2019, 6:30pm


Club Singleton


It’s no great secret that the Senior Committee is struggling for numbers. This year, we ran the club with many vacant positions. Despite this we’ve still had a great year with some great results, growth and development amongst all our teams.

The senior club is now much bigger than it was just a few short years ago. Youth teams, from Under 13’s and upwards now form part of the club, and just this year we’ve taken on some tiny talented players from the Skill Acquisition Program (SAP) squad. These little pocket rockets are as young as eight and nine. This all supports our vision to become an NPL club. We are all working hard to build the foundation skills, talent and discipline required to achieve this aspiration.

Because of the changes in the competition, our club is growing and evolving. We’re a small town with a limited draw, but we’re still a competitive force due to passionate players, support staff, committee members and volunteers. With the inclusion of SAP and youth teams the role of the committee is greater and we need more support to help reach our goals and keep the club running successfully. The existing senior committee, in conjunction with the junior committee is committed to setting a strategic vision and action plan to drive the club forward. With the demographic of the club changing, we want your ideas and support to help move us forward.

Despite these challenges, 2020 is looking to be an exciting year for our club, and one that will help to drive our vision. The Strikers have signed Brendan Slade as Head Coach. Brendan brings a wealth of Football knowledge to the club. We’ve also signed a couple of new dedicated coaches for our youth teams. Our coaching staff needs to be backed by a strong Committee. 

Sadly this year, after 19 years Warren Gillespie, our stalwart secretary is taking a step back. He leaves big shoes to fill.

We know that everyone is busy, so for the next season we want to divide roles and keep them smaller, spread the load, so the burden on our committee members isn’t too great. If you can’t commit to a committee role, but can spare some ad hoc time, let us know. We always have small projects going on and we could use your support.

We’re looking to fill the following roles:

– President 

– Secretary

– Treasurer

– plus other non-Executive committee roles 

Let us be frank. Without a strong committee, we are not a strong club. We need more people to make the magic happen. If there is no committee, there is no club.

This year, we are urging our older players to consider stepping up and volunteering to assist the committee. It’s your club. Why not put your hand up and help shape the direction of the Strikers?

We have many new parents of the youth teams in the senior club, which is an exciting opportunity for us. We know there have been a few bumps in these teams. We apologise unreservedly for this but have done the best with the time and the people we have. We’re urging parents to help make us better, and to consider stepping up to helping on the committee.

2020 will be an exciting time for the club. We’ll have a new head coach and will collaboratively develop a strong strategic direction.

Be the change you want to see and come and be a part of it all.

Many hands make light work is what we are aiming for.

Thanks for your support and see you at the AGM.